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Are you looking for the next generation of resins and gelcoats for faster and easier processing? Do you need to meet stringent fire approvals? Do you want your parts to look good long-term and be exceptionally durable? We have the solution for you.


Crystic RTR 4000PA

Crystic Resin RTR4000PA is a rapid tooling resin which incorporates better handling properties, lower viscosity in use and  improved shrinkage control. Simply add a standard MEKP catalyst. It is a thixotropic, filled, low profile resin for mould making applications and has a 40 minute geltime. Customers choose Crystic Resin RTR4000PA to achieve faster mould making and eliminate surface distortion. This product forms part of NovaScott’s mould making system, which also includes Crystic Gelcoat 15PA (spray vinylester tooling gelcoat), Crystic Gelcoat 11PAS (spray isophthalic tooling gelcoat) and Crystic VE679PA skincoat.

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