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Advanced Composites

Are you looking for the next generation of resins and gelcoats for faster and easier processing? Do you need to meet stringent fire approvals? Do you want your parts to look good long-term and be exceptionally durable? We have the solution for you.

BROWSE OUR RANGE OF Advanced Composites

NovaScott’s extensive range of high-quality Advanced Composites gelcoats combine ease of processing with spectacular long-term exterior performance.

NovaScott is committed to innovation. We are market-leaders, supplying ground-breaking products in:

  • weathering, brightness and gloss retention
  • fire retardancy product solutions
  • new low styrene emission technology.

Crestapol resin series

In our new Adhesives and Advanced Composites (AAC) business unit, we use our technical expertise to deliver outstanding product solutions for high performance Composite applications.

NovaScott’s unique Crestapol resin series enables you to achieve a market-leading industrial-scale performance across a range of processes, including:

  • rapid-cycle closed mould thermoset part production
  • fast pultrusion

Both can be used in combination with carbon fibre reinforcements to give excellent mechanical properties at affordable prices and in a single easy-to-use process.

BROWSE OUR RANGE OF Advanced Composites
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